The specialist medical excess
and shortfall protection plan

Designed to generate savings on your
healthcare insurance premiums

Reduce your medical premiums

  • You introduce (or increase) an excess within your existing private healthcare policy.
  • You will receive a discount from your current insurer.
  • We then provide an insurance policy that reimburses the cost of the excess at point of claim (as well as covering shortfalls up to £500).

The result in the vast majority of cases is a net saving, lower P11D rate and enhanced shortfall protection cover.

What's an excess

Most of us have an excess on our insurance policies. The excess is the amount you have to pay in the event of a claim. In general, the larger your excess is the lower your insurance premium will be (because of the discounts offered by the insurance company.

Excess insurance covers the cost of your excess amount in the event of a claim.

How it works

If you have a £250 excess on your Private Medical Insurance policy and you have a claim for £1000, you are liable for the first £250 of the claim and the insurance company pays £750.

Your medical excess and shortfall insurance policy is designed to reimburse you for the £250 excess you was charged.

What's a shortfall

Shortfalls arise when there is a difference between the level of reimbursement that insurance providers are prepared to pay and the fees consultants and hospitals charge. It is your responsibility as the patient to pay the shortfall.

Your medical excess and shortfall insurance policy is designed to reimburse any shortfall up to the policy limits (£500).

Pays PMI excess up to £500 plus an additional £500 for shortfalls

Medical Excess
Company Plan

Now you can insure your excess & have additional
protection in the event of a policy shortfall

Reduce your medical premiums

As Medical Insurance premiums continue to rise and challenge budgets, introducing or increasing an excess will reduce your premiums. Now, you can insure your excess & have additional protection in the event of a policy shortfall with the specialist medical excess and shortfall protection company, Medex Protect.

Medex Protect can offer an intelligent and highly effective vehicle for Company Funded Healthcare Schemes.

Just some of the many benefits includes:

  • Potential for a reduction in net cost
  • Enhance benefits with the Shortfall Protection benefit
  • Reduce P11D Liability for Employees
  • Simplify the Admin process – Employees do not need to be out of pocket, as we will settle the excess payment directly with the provider

Younger (and therefore statistically) Healthier members of your scheme may forgo the benefits of company funded healthcare, because of spiralling P11D costs.

The implementation of the Medex Protect Plan may prevent this from happening, ensuring a better claims performance (and by default a lower premium) in the medium term.

A simple, cost effective method to realise savings in your Private Medical Insurance Costs, without the hassle of constantly changing providers.

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High converting insurance excess protection
product for insurance brokers

High Converting Insurance Excess Protection Product for Insurance Brokers

Medex Protect is a revolutionary new add-on policy that your clients will definitely want. It refunds the excess they pay if and when they make a claim on their medical insurance policy and, it even provides reimbursement (up to policy limits) for shortfalls – providing that little extra protection and peace of mind; a small but significant add-on that will give you the edge over the competition.

Differentiate your services by offering something extra

It is a tough, competitive market out there. If you can’t offer your clients real added value, they are far more likely to start shopping around.

Introducing your clients to such an innovative and exciting new product like Medex Protect Insurance is a great way to show your clients that you’re actively seeking solutions to the funding challenges that they face today.

It is the perfect way to show you’re ahead of the game - offering them something that is both innovative and  beneficial for them.

Access to a broader range of policies

If your clients are put off by the idea of paying an excess - particularly if it is a large one - Excess Insurance can offer a robust solution to this issue. The stand alone Medical Excess and Shortfall Insurance works harmoniously alongside a Group Medical Insurance Policy and simplifies the process of indemnifying this excess liability, without the added complexity of incorporating a Cash Plan, It really couldn’t be simpler.

Medex Protect is a simple product that does “exactly what it says on the tin”. Selling it couldn’t be easier; simply fill out an application form to add Excess Insurance when your clients renew or take out a new policy.

Medex Protect is an excellent way of retaining clients and encouraging new sales. The information set out above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to explaining why our product is the perfect accessory for today's intermediaries. 

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For more information on Medex Protect Insurance Policies please call our Broker Hotline on 0800 787 9304

About Us

The directors of Medex Protect Limited have been working at a senior level within the medical insurance sector for over 40 years


The Medex Medical Excess and Shortfall product represents genuine innovation in the PMI market and we remain the only provider to offer this policy on a stand alone basis, specifically linked to an existing Private Medical Insurance Policy.

Medex Protect is underwritten by Health Shield Friendly Society.

Paul Shires – Chief Executive Officer MBA CertPFS FIoD FCMI
Paul has over 30 years financial services experience. For almost 15 years, Paul has held Executive positions at Health Insurance companies and is currently on the Board of Health Shield Friendly Society Ltd. He has vast experience managing commercial relationships in the Health Insurance industry, including both clinical and distribution partnerships. Paul has worked in Australia, North America, Asia and across Europe, reviewing private and public health funding systems. Paul was voted in by industry colleagues and served a term as a committee member of the Association of Medical Insurers and Intermediaries.

Rob Peggs – Managing Director
Director Rob also has over 30 years financial services industry experience gained from senior roles within the sector including commercial relationship management with intermediary partners. The last 12 years have seen Rob at Health shield Friendly Society LTD as Head of Voluntary Sales within the Cash plan market.

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